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Reeth Glass Lens Co., Ltd is a professional COB Led glass lenses manufacturer in China for all kinds of indoor & outdoor led lighting, we are a High-Tech firm founded in 2005 and a comprehensive high-tech production enterprise engaging in R&D, design, manufacturer, sales and customer service of optical led glass lenses for many years, owning a experienced and skilled engineer team to meet customer ‘s demand , we are the first choice for lighting project in LED GLASS LENSES


With wide variety of more than 300 Models, they are mainly: optical glass lens, led Borosilicate glass lens, COB Led glass lenses, Glass Lenses for Chip on Board Led, Glass Lenses for COB Led Lighting,Led street light glass lens, Led high /low bay light glass lens, Led explosion-proof glass lens, Led tunnel light glass lens, Asymmetrical glass lens , anti-glare glass lenses,flat glass lens, plano -convex aspheric glass lens,biconvex glass lens, biconcave glass lens , Led projector glass lens, Led floodlight glass lens, Led wall washer light glass lens ,Led trick light glass lens,Led spotlight glass lens,flashlight glass lens ,Led headlamp lens,grow light glass lens,down light glass lens  Led underground light glass lens , Led ceiling Light glass lens ,Fresnel glass lens,Window light glass lens, Led lawn light glass lens and So on,



Our Glass Lenses can be widely used for different applications such as Street Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Commercial Lighting , Residential Lighting, interior Lighting and other applications, which can match Bridgelux / Cree / Citizen / Sharp/ Osram/ Philip / Edison / Luminus / Seoul semi-conductor / Samsung / LG/ Nichia / Plessey/ Xicato /Prolight/Luxeon/Everlight/Lextar COB Leds ranging from 1W-300W Leds


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