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Knowledge that must be known to modify a car's street light lens
- Aug 13, 2018 -

1. Why should I install a street light lens when modifying the headlights?

A: Let's first come to know the lens. The street lamp lens is a fish-eye-like lamp that has appeared on high-end cars in recent years. The function of the LED street lamp lens is to make the emitted light more concentrated and focus the limited brightness on the road surface.

On the same time, the light will not scatter to the opposite side of the car.

2, the type and function of the lens

Answer: The lens is divided into light source and can be divided into a halogen lens and a xenon lens. According to the structure, it can be divided into a single light lens and a double light lens. Generally speaking, the lenses equipped with high-end cars are all Xenon double-lens lenses, and halogen single-lens lenses generally

Now some low-priced domestic cars. The effects of different LED street light lenses are also very different. Some of the inferior lenses on domestic cars are not as good as the light reflected from the reflective bowl. Because the lens is reflected

The composition of the bowl, the lens, the shading film, etc., there is a place to do a good job, the light type will be greatly reduced.

3. What is a double lens?

Answer: A double-lens lens is a lens with a lens that has a near-and-near-light switching function, and a single-lens lens is the opposite. The dual light lens controls the switching of the near and far light through a light shield and a motor inside the lens. There are many benefits to this way of changing light.

First, there will be no change in the focal length between the light-emitting point and the reflective bowl like the H4 telescopic tube, so there will be no astigmatism after the light is changed. Second, there is no dimming delay when the light-shielding sheet is dimmed. Third, when the light shielding film is only low beam

Waiting for the distant light to cover, when the far-light is turned out, the distant light will be released, so there will be no problem that the near part will be blacked out after the H4 lamp is dimmed. Fourth, if the original car has an independent high beam, after modifying the dual lens, you can

There are 2 sets of high beam, the high beam intensity is self-evident.

4, on color temperature and penetration

A: Many people mistakenly believe that the higher the color temperature, the brighter the brightness. In fact, the opposite is true. The higher the color temperature, the lower the brightness. The color temperature of normal lighting should be 4300-6000K, too high brightness reduction, penetrating power is reduced, too low. Light color yellow

Easy to cause visual fatigue. The higher the color temperature, the lower the penetration of rain and fog. 4200K is a dividing line, which is the K number that the spectrum can produce the maximum brightness. The lower the color, the brighter the color of the light. When it reaches 3000K, it becomes the "golden eye" that everyone knows.

"The more you go up, the more blue the light will be, even the purple. Finally it becomes a "color bulb" with insufficient brightness.

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