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What are the design principles of glass lenses?
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Glass lens is a very common lens, widely used in street lamps and some lighting facilities, its effect is very good, then led glass lens is designed according to what principle?

Led glass lens itself belongs to precision optical parts, so it requires very high accuracy of the mold, especially the lens optical surface processing accuracy to reach 0.1 micron, lens eccentricity to reach 3 micron. Generally, the following equipment must be equipped for the processing of such high-precision molds: ultra-precision machining machine, CNC integrated machining machine, surface grinder, milling machine, CNC discharge machining machine, surface profiler, etc. Optical design software is used to design and simulate optical runaway, and the corresponding optical aspheric surface is designed. The most precise part of the mold is the optical mold, first select special mold steel, complete the initial embryo, nickel plating and then use ultra-precision machining machine for aspheric surface processing technology.

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