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What are the main principles of LED lens design?
- Aug 13, 2018 -

1. First of all, depending on the light source, the chip structure and packaging, light characteristics, etc. will be different, resulting in the same lens with different specifications of brand LED will be different; therefore, targeted development (to the mainstream brand-oriented), in order to achieve the actual needs.

2. Optical design software is used to design and simulate optical runaway, and the corresponding optical aspheric surface is designed.

3. The LED lens itself belongs to the precise optical parts, so it requires very high precision of the mold, especially the lens optical surface processing precision to reach 0.1 micron, lens eccentricity to reach 3 micron. Generally, the processing of such high-precision dies must have the following equipment: ultra precision machining.

4. The most precise part of the mold is the optical mold. First, the special mold steel is selected to finish the initial embryo. After nickel plating, the aspheric surface is machined by the ultra-precision machine.

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