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What should be the evaluation of LED street lighting quality?
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Street lights are used to illuminate roads and road targets. They also have guiding functions. All should be based on the driver's feelings. The driver feels brightness instead of illumination. This is a fact that everyone has already made clear.

(1) The driver must first be able to see the road surface and identify the target. After the road surface and the target are illuminated, some light is absorbed, and the brightness and chromaticity of the road surface and the target are provided in the form of secondary emitters. The road surface and the target are in brightness. Or there must be a certain difference in chromaticity to be recognized by the human eye.

(2) The road surface lighting is required to be uniform, and the sidewalk should have proper lighting. The driver can see the road and find the target in time.

(3) The driver sees a dynamic scene during driving, because the car is moving and the human eye is turning.

(4) The lighting provided by the street lamp must make the driver feel comfortable and not fatigued; glare-disabled glare and discomfort glare should be controlled, especially disability glare. It can cause the driver to become blind for a short time and is more harmful.

(5) Requirements for energy conservation.

In addition to requiring the light source to have sufficient luminous flux, good color rendering and color temperature, the above-mentioned functions of the street lamp also require that the street light source must perform secondary light distribution to make the road surface uniform and control glare.

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