107 X 87mm Glass Lens With 60 Degree Beam Anlge

Model No:rh-hbl-27
RH-HBL-27 is 107 x 87mm high bay light glass lens with 60 degree angle , Can be suitable for 30W-150W COB Led, also supply mounting accessories- sealing gasket and SUS304 stainless steel holder

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       107 x 87mm glass lens with 60 degree beam anlge for 30W-150W Led

RH-HBL-27 is 107 x 87mm high bay light glass lens with 60 degree angle ,

Can be suitable for 30W-150W COB Led, also supply mounting accessories- sealing gasket and SUS304 stainless steel holder or Aluminum holder, the accessories can share with RH-SL-07,RH-SL-07-01, RH-SL-08, RH-SL-23, RH-SL-32, RH-SL-33, RH-SL-34, RH-SL-38, RH-SL-39, RH-SL-43, RH-SL-44, RH-SL-45 , RH-S-46 and others

       RH-HBL-27 Optical Main Parameter

Item No


Lens Dimension

107 x 87 mm

Beam Angle

60 degree

Glass Lens Material

High borosiliate glass 3.3

Light transmittance  

Above 94% ( If AR coating , can be up to 99.5%)

Reflective Index


Working temperature

-50-550 degree

Sealing gasket material

Silicon material

Mounting holder material

SUS304 Stainless steel holder or Aluminum material

IK grade

IK08, if tempered, can pass IK09 impact test 

IP rating


Suitable Led wattage


Suitable Led Source Type

Luxeon and other multichip COB Led Chips

Main applications

Can be used for Street lighting, tunnel light, roadway , highway ,pedestrian crossings  

       RH-HBL-27 Accessories assembly Paramters

◆ Type one : 8mm height Silicon Gasket + 8.5mm height Aluminum holder



◆ Type two : 12mm height Silicon Gasket + 11.5 mm height stainless steel holder



       RH-HBL-27 Optical Parameter



       RH-HBL-27 Glass Lens Main Advantage

1_01(001).jpgHigh Light Transmittance
1_02(001).jpgMade of Borosilicate glass material, transparent, not be yellow
1_03(001).jpgExcellent heat resistance
1_04(001).jpgExcellent IP protection, with waterproof , weatherproof
1_05(001).jpgEfficiency & low maintenance ,long lifetime and energy saving
1_06(001).jpgExcellent shock resistance
1_07(001).jpgLight pollution elimination 

       RH-HBL-27 Main Applications


       RH-HBL-27 Package Detail and Packing Structure

Packing materials

Q’TY   in pcs of Lens



Height  (mm)

Inner box





Outer Box

60   (60 inner box)




1# Pallet (Middle)

1200 (20 outer box)




2# Pallet ( Big)

3600 (30 outer box)





                                            Inner Box            Outer Box                  1 # Pallet or 2 # Pallet

       Applicable Chip on board Led chips


Led type

Led Model

Led Size

Cree Led

Cree Xlamp CMT28XX Series

27.85 x 27.85 mm

Cree Xlamp CMA3090/Cree Xlamp CXA/CXB30XX Series

27.35 x 27.35 mm

Cree Xlamp CMA2550/ Cree Xlamp CXA/CXB25XX Series

23.85 x 23.85 mm

Cree Xlamp CXA3590/CXB3590/ Cree CXA2 Studio

34.85 X 34.85 m

Citizen COB Led

CLU731/CLU730/CLU048/CLU046/ CLU044/CLL042

28 X 28 mm

CLU058/CLU550/CLU056/CLU054 / CLL052

38 x 38mm


LUXEON CoB 1204 /1204HD/1205 /1205HD / 1208

20 x 24 mm

LUXEON CoB 1211 / LUXEON CoB 1216 / LUXEON CoB 1812

28 X 28 mm

LUXEON CoB 1321 / LUXEON CoB 1825

38 x 38mm

Samsung COB Led

Samsung LC040D / LC040D PC / LC060D / LC080D

28 x 28 mm

Bridgelux COB Led

Bridgelux Vesta Series

20 x 24 mm

Bridgelux V15 (LES 15mm )

21 x 21 mm

Bridgelux V18 (LES 18mm )

24 x 24 mm

Bridgelux V22 (LES 22mm )

28 x 28 mm

Bridgelux Vero10 (LES 10mm )

30.6 mm

Bridgelux Vero13 (LES 13mm ) /Bridgelux Vero18 (LES 18mm )

36.2 mm

Bridgelux Vero29 (LES 29mm )

49.2 mm

Luminus COB Led

Liminus CVM-27 /CXM-27

31. 5 x 31.5 mm

Liminus CVM-32 / CXM-32

38x38 mm

Liminus CLM-22 / CXM-22

28 x 28 mm

Seoul Semiconductor COB Led

Seoul Semiconductor ZC Series

28 x 28 mm / 38 x 38mm mm


42W L-COB G1 / 56W L-COB G1/34W L-COB G2/37W L -COB G2

28 x 28 mm

40W F-COB/83W F-COB / 55W L-COB G2

28 x 28 mm

115W F-COB / 170W F-COB

38 x 38mm

Nichia COB Led

Nichia NFCWD084B-V3 / NFCWD096B-V3/NFCWJ108B-V3

24 X 19 mm

Nichia NVEWJ048Z-V1 / NFDWJ130B-V3/NFCWJ120B-V3

24 X 19 mm

Nichia NFEWH306B-V2

38 x 38 mm


       Delivery , shipping and Service

1.jpgNormally the Lead time is 7-10 working days on receipt of payment, Depend on Customer quantity request
2.jpgCan choose courier service , normal air or marine shipping way

◆ Reeth can provide professional optics system service , strong R&D team and advanced optical technology

◆ OEM & ODM services are available


◆ Personalized Service

◆ 3 years warranty

◆ Excellent after-sale service, if any quality defects and breakages, we will compensate for the lenses free of charge

◆ Certificated standard of Quality

◆ Reeth can provide free samples for customer prototype

        We offer you to buy high-quality and reliable products



What is the material for Reeth sealing gasket

Reeth Sealing Gasket is Silicon material, which are imported and top grade, the advantage is environmently-friendly and high temperature resistance, long life time, will not get yellow and broken

2.jpgWhat is the material for Reeth mounting Holder

Reeth Mounting holder have two types

One is SUS 304 stainless steel holder, for each bath incoming materials, we will do the inspection and have technical report on SUS304 material, we can provide this report to customer together with cargos

One is Aluminum holder, we make Al holder by ourself , we have our own CNC machine, after CNC and then do the sandblasting and anodizing process, can do any colour based on customer requirement such as Black and others

3.jpgWhere is the port of loading

Shanghai Port is closest

4.jpgWhat is the IK Grade for Reeth Glass Lenses

Reeth Lens can pass the IK08 grade, if tempered , can be up to IK09 grade , we have IK08 Certificate


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