20W 30W 50W Medium Power COB Glass LED Lens Suitable For Cree Citizen Bridgelux COB LEDS

Model No:RH-HBL-32
RH-HBL-32 is a type of Anti-glare COB Glass Lens 66mm diameter 60 degree beam angle, for 66mm diamter glass lens , we have sealing gasket and SUS304 stainless steel holder or Aluminum holder

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       20W 30W 50W Medium power COB Glass LED Lens suitable for Cree Citizen
       Bridgelux COB LEDS 66mm 60 degree anti-glare glass lens


RH-HBL-32 is a type of Anti-glare COB Glass Lens 66mm diameter 60 degree beam angle, for 66mm diamter glass lens , we have sealing gasket and SUS304 stainless steel holder or Aluminum holder, also can custom made accessories based on clients requirement , suitable for 5W-50W Chip on board LEDS,made of high borosilicate materials, above 95% light transmittance and high temperature resistance , different applications, can be used for warehouse lighting , workshop lighting , Equipment lighting , stadium lighting , gym lighting , mine lamp , stage lamp , down light , explsoion-proof light , warf light , exhibition hall light , shopping mall light, toll station , gas station , courtyard light and so on

       RH-HBL-32 Optical Main Parameter

Item No


Lens Diameter

66 mm

Beam Angle

60 degree and anti-glare

Glass Lens Material

High borosiliate glass 3.3

Beaded surface


Light transmittance

Above 94% ( If AR coating , can be up to 99.5%)

Working temperature

-50-550 degree

IK grade

IK08, if tempered , can pass IK09 impact test 

Suitable Led  wattage

3W/4W/5W/6W/7W/8W/9W/10W/15W/20W/25W/30W/35W/40W/45W/50W   Chips

Suitable Led Source Type

Bridgelux/Citizen/Cree/Osram/Sharp/Philip/Seoul semi-conductor/Samsung/Luminus/Edison/LG/Xicato/Plessey/prolight/Lextar/
Nichia/Luxeon and other multichip COB Led Chips

Main applications

Can be used for indoor spotlight, focusing light , converging light , stage lamp , projector lamp , high bay , low bay and other LED lighting applications

       RH-HBL-32 Product Detail


       RH-HBL-32 Distribution Curve


       RH-HBL-32 Mechnical Drawing


       RH-HBL-32 Package Detail and Packing Structure


Packing materials

Q’TY   in pcs of Lens



Height   (mm)

Inner box





Outer Box

120   (60 inner box)




1# Pallet (Middle)

2400 (20 outer box)




2# Pallet ( Big)

3600 (30 outer box)






                                            Inner Box            Outer Box                  1 # Pallet or 2 # Pallet

       Anti-glare Glass Lenses Benefits


This type lenses add beaded surface, enlarge the lighting emitting surface, largely reduce disability glare

eliminate yellow light spot and image

Concave-convex street light glass lens,high bay light glass lens, explosion-proof light glass lens, tunnel light glass lens, flood light glass lens, down light glass lens are all abnormal shape lenses and uneven thickness, the light edge part will easily have yellow light spot and imaging , if add the beaded structure in lens concave side, will disrupt original regular light , which will have a mixed light effect

hide the LED wires and welding spots

The beaded pots in lens edge can hide parts of wires and welding pots of LED, which will make the whole lighting fixture more beauty

       Why are REETH Glass Lens



1.jpgWhy choose Reeth products?

Reeth Glass Lens Company is one of the biggest earliest company that manufacture glass lenses in china, have more than 20 years experience in glass lenses industry, we have many many models , different applications , can meet you all requirement

2.jpgCan Reeth provide glass lenses , silicon gaskset, SUS304 holder or AL holder component analysis report

Yes, we can provide it

3.jpgWhen ordering many models, how can you identify each lens

We labeled on each glass lens and accessories on inner box , and also have label on outer carton including glass lens model , accessories model and quantity for your easy identification

4.jpgWhat is Reeth warranty claims

if We sent the goods ,which do not correspond with the contract goods, we will be responsible for changing the fault products


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