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LED Lens Materials And Production
- Aug 13, 2018 -

1. As an optical grade product, LED lenses are extremely demanding for light transmission and water shrinkage. The raw materials are generally made of high-grade optical grade PMMA. At present, the Japanese Mitsubishi PMMA material is the best (now VH5 and VH001 are of higher quality), and the same is Mitsubishi's Nantong material will be slightly less;

2. Must be equipped with a 10,000-class or higher-level dust-free workshop, operators must wear anti-static clothing, as well as anti-static and dust-proof measures such as wearing finger cots and masks, and regularly inspect and clean the workshop;

3. Must have professional optical injection molding machine (electric) such as Farak, Toyo, Haitian, Jiaming and other brands with power above 35T, and strictly control the injection temperature and time, reduce the shrinkage rate of the product, and must not add the reuse of the nozzle material to ensure the product. More in line with the design;

4. Products must be packaged in anti-static, dust-proof PVC and must be completely sealed. Storage must be controlled to control temperature and humidity, and it is best not to store for more than one year.

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