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LED Street Light Lens Application Classification
- Aug 13, 2018 -

1. Primary lens

a. The primary lens is directly packaged on the LED chip and integrated with the LED.

b. LED street light lens chip theoretically emits 360 degrees, but in fact the chip is fixed and packaged on the LED bracket, so the maximum illumination angle of the chip is 180 degrees, and the chip will have some stray light, so that once through The lens can effectively converge all the light of the chip and can obtain different light-emitting angles such as 180°, 160°, 140°, 120°, 90°, 60°, etc., but the light-emitting efficiency of the LEDs with different light-emitting angles is different.

c. The primary lens is generally made of PMMA, PC, optical glass, silica gel, etc.

2, secondary lens

a. The secondary lens and the LED are two separate objects, but they are inseparable when applied.

b. The function of the secondary lens is to converge the illumination angle of the LED light source again to any desired angle between 5° and 160°. The distribution of the light field can be mainly divided into: circular, elliptical and rectangular.

c. The secondary lens material is generally optical grade PMMA or PC; in special cases, glass can be selected.

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