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Points For Attention When Using LED Glass Lens
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Led glass lens is a very common application rate of the lens, its role is very important, commonly used in street lights and car lights and other lighting equipment, but in the use of LED glass lens also need to understand some matters needing attention. Next we will take you to understand.

First, instruments should not be placed in environments with dust, chemicals and strong sunlight.

Second, the spot must be uniform and consistent.

Third, after testing, clean / clean the instrument and turn off the power supply.

Fourth, this standard is aimed at the current optical street lamp lens with a diameter of 50mm angle of 120 degree and 140 degrees.

Fifthly, if any other special circumstances or phenomena are found, the relevant technical personnel shall be contacted in time, and the relevant judgment or revision of this standard shall be made after confirmation.

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