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The Importance Of LED Lenses
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Light-emitting diodes are just indicators of how machines work when they first enter our world. They come in three basic colors: red, yellow and green, just as most street lights use these three colors. At that time, light-emitting diodes didn't have much power: a 20-square-centimeter light-emitting diode array had a total power of no more than 5W, so the diodes could not be used for lighting at all. Later, people used high-power light-emitting diodes for lighting, at this time the LED lens is particularly important.

Led lenses are usually made of silica gel for assisted luminescence of light emitting diodes, because silica gel is more heat-resistant, transparent and can prevent damage caused by mechanical vibration. In addition, silica gel has high molding rate and good plasticity, and can be directly and tightly bonded to LED surface or above. The surface of the LED is smooth and the light transmission ability is enhanced. Lens are also encapsulated in multi-angle encapsulation, which allows larger, more aggregated light from LEDs.

LED lens is a smart optical device, its precision can be similar to the lens lens of digital SLR camera, therefore, the lens transmittance, turbidity, density, thermal stability, maximum operating temperature and so on have strict control and requirements. Therefore, the production of this kind of LED packaging lens must be carried out in a dust-free environment, operating staff must also wear a dust mask after the air shower, headgear, clothing into the production workshop. Also note that the good LED must be stored in a dust-free normal environment and must be completely sealed.

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